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Anime industry in the west

| Is it doing alright? I know its destroying American comics

| American comics are the cause of their own destruction. As a famous gamer once said, they get what they fucking deserve.
I would say the western manga/good-comic industry is never going to be allowed to catch wind so long as the legacy industries still have power, and there's a good chance the legacy industry will just get bailout money until the end of times. So basically, there's no room to grow.

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>As a famous gamer once said

lol literally who

| Whenever I go to a comic shop in the US the amount of non-super hero shit gets bigger. I don't know sales, but ever since manga broke there's been more variety. A lot of cool stuff

| Anime has dealt a major blow to the US comics industry as a whole. US comics got stale years ago, even before 2000, it's just that people are now more aware of the alernatives.

| I realize that part of the reason I like Manga more is that I get way more pages per dollar, and that is a good thing for me. A bad thing for the mangakas dying of heart attacks at 45 from overwork.

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This thread is permanently archived