Anime that you don't like and mock

| Naruto
Mirai Nikki
Death Note
Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Darling In The Franxx

| why bother?

| Big Order

From mirai nikki author

| wait you don't like mirai nikki? how come?

| every thirst anime like don't tease me nagataro or high school DXD.
yall mf need to touch grass or read literal porn

| >>773157 ITS SHIT

| >>773157
don't interact with brainlets

| JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Serial Experiments Lain
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Made In Abyss

| >>773165
Nagataro sucks dick.
High school DXD has a very intriguing plot tho

| >>773205 bro.. those are good animes..
What stupidly high standards you have for you to consider an anime as good?

| In Another World With My Smartphone

Before I started watching it the description I read said he had the power of the gods. I thought this was referring to his phone and the internet but instead it was referring to his OP magic powers while the phone is only used as a map and the only time he uses the internet is to find an icecream recipe.
I felt disappointed at the waste of potential and never forgave it.

| >>773224 their fandom is shit

| >>773286
Lmao imagine being this triggered by fandom that you don't like the source material.
True chads watched/read them before they became popular.

| >>773298 can't time travel idiot

| >>773305
look at this loser unable to time travel ahaha

| I guess Shonen fans? At the end of the day I look at it this way, we all enjoy the same thing. Someone who watches One Piece, Naruto, etc. would be willing to watch your favorite series. So rather than being judgemental or salty I respect them. I’d give those shows a shot if they weren’t so long to be honest.

| >>773286 and? A fandom doesn't make worse the source material, no matter how shitty the fandom is.
If you don't like the fandom of something, then don't interact with it. Just enjoy the game/anime/source material.

Is that such a hard thing to do? I don't think so.

| The fandoms and the source materials are two entirely different things.

| >>79bd60
Want to redact the “fans” part of my statement. I got mixed up reading the last few quips, but still stand by my message. There’s maybe one thing I watched that I didn’t like this past couple years and couldn’t finish and it was Dog X Scissors. It just wasn’t my cup of tea I guess.

I started going out of my comfort zone and have been trying to watch anything that looks decent or has at least a 7 on MAL. It’s been working pretty well for me.

| Rio: Rainbow Gate. Possibly the most average anime to exist. Average art. Run of the mill plot. Standard low effort ecchi scenes. Average characters. Average character design... Average voice work... The only thing that might remotely stand out from the sea of averageness is it's boppin' OP. It's not like I hate Rio:Rainbow Gate... It's just that I don't like it. A completely inoffensive, uncreative, and standard anime in every way.

| Code Geass. Don't get me wrong, it's a good mecha action. Some stupid highschool and anime tiddies shit? I can take it. But it can be retarded at times like the chess scene. And then they do it again by making him failed at using his power.

When I see people praise this anime because of it's stategy or how smart lelouch is, they already indirectly told you that they are also retarded.

| >>773415 code geass tries to pass as clever while not making an effort to be actually clever

| Every anime

| >>773429 this. Every weeb = autism

| Anything where the fanbase celebrates the writing for being profound but it's just an empty vessel for tits or gore.

Bonus points if some of the animation is well done.

| Hah, gottem

| jjba fucking stinks

| Konosuba
Black Clover
Fairy Tail

| >>773730 may I ask why do you not like Konosuba?

| >>773754 she is diagnosed with the "shit taste"

| >>773730
More personal taste than a reasoned argument; I just find the characters annoying.

| >>773815 I' disagree with your personal taste but ok.

| >>773865 I would*

| >>773865
i disagree with you disagreeing with that gurls personal taste

| >>779286 i disagree with your disagreement about their disagreement about personal taste.

One Punch Man 2
Seven Sins

| >>773205 just as a social experiment, i'm collecting thoughts of people who happend to not like Lain. I'm very curious to know your reason. Not to harass you or anything, but to get a better understanding of the opposite side of a perspective.

| >>774125 I also would like to your conclusions about your little experiment/survey.
Please make a thread here in danger/u/ about it when you finish it! Only if you want of course hehe

| >>774125
Not >>93d5e0, but I didn't care for SEL personally. I felt the story was quite poorly conveyed, the symbolism was confused and incoherent, and in general the plot felt too abstract and emotionless to really care about.

It's been a long time since I saw it, I only ever saw it once, and I freely admit I didn't really "get" it, so it's possible I'm being too harsh here.

| sword art online, started off good, ended like shit

| Every waifubait/moe/ecchi anime.
Incest anime are especially fun to mock.

| >>774176 thanks a lot) I understand you, great reasoning. I think it's made for small group of people who like this stuff. I mean, it really depends on a taste. So nothing's wrong with it. Maybe, people who "love Lain" can not be getting your fav animes as well)

| >>774142 maybe, nice idea

| Jojo
The type of cartoon that a specific kind of shonenfag millennial keep drooling over. They wish the anime industry was owned by Marvel.

| Mostly Attack on Titan. I roll my eyes at isekai shit. Before that I rolled my eyes at moe shit.


| >>774416 Why?

| >>774358 I'm very confused, what do you like then?

| Boruto

| >>774436 Yuru Yuri.

| >>774482
I like both

Well a lot of people don't have a connection with FLCL, they indeed prefer FLCL 2 and 3 rather than the original.
But the original is something unique that speaks so much to me

| >>774436 Yuru Yuri obviously

| Any anime.

| >>b83f09
I was meme-ing if it wasn't clear
Grade A bait

| ID changed, but I'm >>93d5e0

| Everything that's just moeblobs doing fucking nothing. You can tell someone is a fucking loser the moment they're given an opportunity to talk about what anime is overrated and they have anything to say but this shit. Like yeah sure dude, "cheesy shonen shit is the WORST", I'm sure you have such refined tastes.

| Just SAO tbh. I've got friends who worship that show, and I love to make fun of them for it. It's written like a really bad Wattpad original.

| >>775330 true

| >>775330
To be fair, it always was a shitty sepf-insert fanfic. They were just in the right place in the right time.

| >>775410
Yeah. It got a great studio as well. A1 has really good animation, and to be fair the concept itself is pretty sick. But instead of exploring that really sick concept and exploring the depth of a world that could have been incredible, they just made it a flashy fanfic with no substance.

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