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Are they animes were the characters are like, officially gay/lesbian ?

| And i'm not talking about Madoka Magica, where they're all gay but the creators are just like weird historians talking about two girls kissing eachother and saying they are good friends

| Citrus

| Yuru Yuri

| Disclaimer: by gay I mean lesbian, just kinda force of habit, sorry.
Adachi to Shimamura is sorta gay, but quite light/uncertain. Also Asagao to Kase-san, though it's just an hour long OVA. Yagate Kimi ni Naru is pretty gay, too.
Soon Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is VERY gay, and also VERY lewd (as in actual explicit hot steamy sex), just one episode though.

| If you're a fujoshi maybe yuri on ice,no other shows on my mind

| And nope i just read again the last message, this show is not yuri its between guys. Sry

| I watched this old show called Gravitation about some gay dudes. It was the first anime I watched so I thought "Aha, so this is anime".

I remember the opening being really cool.

| Little Witch Academia maybe?

| There's symphogear, but you've got to wait a long time for the comimg out.

| Generally speaking, if it's CLAMP everyone is bi, but that's often subtext. Haven't watched Revolutionary Girl Utena but I heard it's pretty openly gay.
Uh all that being said, the girls in Akuma no Riddle are about as confirmed as it gets, from the manga at least.

| Azumanga Daioh. Kaori is madly in love with Sakaki. (although Sakaki doesn't really return the feelings)

| kiss for the petals ova >:3

| Sakur Trig

| Valkyrie Drive...? Maybe? Kind of?

| Matsuzaka Satō from happy Sugar Life

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This thread is permanently archived