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HoloStuck is dying !!!

| Hello, i'm glad to announce that Holostuck is slowly dying apparently. Everyone who worked on it is running away and the website is finally getting deleted. Go read something better if you were a fan like Vast Glitch

| tf is that?

| >homestuck

| Is Homestuck still alive these days?! I've never read the comics, but I thought the comics ended a while ago.. :O

Maybe I should read it someday :p

| well, i heard it's not as active as during the vn releases but there is still content, like podcasts, fan adventures, videos, art and also third stuck at home con which was in june

| >vast glub

| >>770550
There's a lot to say in regards to it, but the only one worth mentioning is - don't read past Act 4. Everything past that 1,900-something page mark becomes torture.

| i just skip everything to get to midnight crew, the best part imo
no mention of them in the sequel tho so fuck hussie

| >>947d9f go read vast error, theres a good Midnight Crew Intermission

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This thread is permanently archived