On July 1st, VTuber Kiryu Coco will be graduating.

| it hurts, g/u/rls.

| >vtuners
Go back to 4chan

| Had to announce it right after her birthday too. sucks, but we still have her irl streams to look forward to

| >>765382 IRL stream <-> Vtuber
You younglings still can't start making sense I see.

| >>765371 I feel you OP... It's heartwrecking..
Hololive won't be the same without Kaichou.
But at the same time I hope that the near Hololive EN may heal my heart.

| The near next gen of Hololive En

| Living in your own reality, bubbles and candies everywhere, can't even say "quit", it has to be reworded as "graduation"

| >>24f009 they really need fancy words to say they get rid of someone, huh.

| >>765395 i mean the real person. obv she isnt Coco, but the bulk of her person is the same and its still an enjoyable stream

| Painpeko

Also wtf happened to this place, thread for of cunts


| Why do people hate hololive?

Doesn't seem bad from clips, it's funny when they say bad words in English

| I'll miss the clips from her meme reviews. Always funny to see the effect she had on the others. I hope that she ends the final stream with "Goodnight motherfuckers"

| >>765972 you mean, full of people who can think straight and not give a shit about cringe vtubers?

| >>766219
People don't hate hololive, they hate obnoxious vtuber fans who, like the bronies of yesteryear, cannot stop talking about their obsession with a children's entertainment product

| >>766395
There are barely any VTuber threads on /a/ and, when a famous VTuber resigns, all the the 'people who can think straight' go out of their way to reply to a thread they know is about something they don't like and shit all over it.
But it's the obnoxious VTuber fans who can't stop talking about their obsession, right.

| I don't even watch any VTubers, I just find this all very ironic

| >>766412
I agree that there aren't too many vtuber threads here and that this individual thread is pretty reasonable, but a lot of people's perceptions have already been shaped by experiences beyond this site. My little pony had the same issue. there were reasonable people who wanted to have reasonable discussions about it, but the well had already been poisoned by people who used a cartoon as a substitute for a personality. Vtubers often attract the same crowd.

| >>766413
For what it's worth I don't really care for vtubers, but I don't like streaming in general so I'm obviously not the target audience. I did watch one video by the person this thread is about with a friend who was a fan of hers though. I definitely get the appeal, but to be honest she seemed just like any other screamy internet personality who overreacts to bad video games. That's just me though, she made piles of money so she must have been doing something right ¯\_(´ー`)_/¯

| >>82bf62 finally someone said it. It's about fans that can't stfu about how much they want to simp those characters, i get it you like them. But please shut up.

| Man, it’s a thread about vtubers just let them talk about it on this small pocket of the internet.

| >>766464 Exactly! It seems that people can't be passionate about something they like smh

| Coco Kaine gang rise up

| >>766464 like how it has been said to previous topics that got shit on...

It's anon board, you'll get people shit on your topics. If you reply to those and ended up derailing the thread, that's on you.

| Why is the discourse on this overlooking the shit that happened with China and the harassment she received?

| >>766782 and not to mention that they moved on to Fubuki now

| if cover made Coco quit because of it they will certainly have no issue doing it to FBK

| >>766782 She kept going for awhile afterward, and she also said the other members will be allowed to talk about her after the graduation. If that is the reason, its more likely that Coco decided it herself. Personally, it seems like Coco thought that being Coco, and working for cover, was too constraining and she wants to move onto something else, but idk I barely watch her.

>>766841 What made those asshats mad at the meme fox?

| >Vtubers

Fucking cringe

| She's was a content creator savant.
Thanks to her, the rest of the team knows how to make and push for new content.
Doesn't save them from being unable to sing anything but 5 songs and play 10 games, but still.
Unlucky the chink keyboard army harassed her to no end over nothing.
Glad she will stream on an obscure site and be a normal girl now.

| Don't worry guys she still has a 9000$ bed and a gorilla wife.

| >>767432 Aye, it's not like Coco will dissapear completely. Her gorilla wife will probably tell everyone about the shenanigans they'll go through, just no Coco talking.

I wish Coco the best in whatever direction she will go.

| >>767498

She also still has her original personality, before she became Coco, so people in the know or who can follow paper trails can find her all over again, just as a 3D cosplayer streamer instead of a Live 2D big tidded dragon.

| >>767775 whats so weird to me is that she actually has pretty fat fuckin knockers

| >>767781

lmao ikr

| >>766841 fr? well dayum I guess if I have 3000 bots and want to take down a streamer agency I would do the same, especially after confirming that the tactic I used indeed worked on their top talent.

| >>767891 not really bots, more like brainwashed nationalistic fanboys. They do the job better than bots.

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