Name the worst weeaboo encounter you ever had

| Personally I never had a weeb encounter but remember seeing 3 grown ass man playing either DnD or some other tabletop game at our local comic shop. They were loud as hell and smelled like a 5 month old sweat... I know I shouldn't be judgemental, but it reeked of sweat and grease in there.

| Personally I never had a weeb encounter but remember seeing 3-4 car mechanics buff waxing a car with no cover anywhere, nothing was masked off, with the overspray everywhere and the tag had black paint on it too. There were white specks in the paint. There were new scratches and the dent was still noticeable. Not to mention that someone had opened a soda and spilled soda over the entire front of the car, front fenders and over the hood spilling down the other side.

| "I'd love to put a baby in that". Hentai really gives catcalling a different tone at cons.

| I had what I referred to as the holy trinity of gross weebs at my high school:
One would wear an ahegao sweatshirt and ahegao shirts everyday. He was horrible. Openly racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.
One wanted to be an anime girl. Like she talked with a really high pitched voice, dyed her hair, dressed like one, etc. This would've been bad enough, but on top of that she was also hardcore racist.
And one was a total gross weeb stereotype. Weird, smelly, and unpleasant be around.

| I once saw a guy wearing a ahegao shirt LOL but I must say that he probably has a Lot of confidence to wear something like that in public lmao

| Mostly just the usual cringe. People saying UwU or owo in public and just those types of things, it's not bad but it does hurt me deep down inside.

| In my school people talking about how anime is strange and fucked up (they talked about Naruto, Jojo, Attack on Titan)
I was about to introduce them to anime with girls only, but I think they'd call me a sexist.

| >>764079
Why do they sounds like utter chads lol

| >>764520 that seems kinda harsh, it's hard to believe that anime is still looked as a weird thing (I know that there are extreme weaboos that are obsessed, but that a reduced population of all anime enjoyers)

I hope you can find people you can share hobbies with anon

| >>764566 only on the internet sadly

| >>764566 To be fair, as someone who has watched way too much anime in their life, SO MUCH of it IS weird and fucked up. It's cool to be into that, but people can't pretend weird shit like How Not To Summon A Demon Lord or Redo Of A Healer don't exist.

| >>764566 Yeah, I like anime, but I also kind of understand why my roommate hates it and people who like it. It can be weird and unusual in really wrong ways.

| >>764566 Watching anime is only really not looked as a weird thing on the internet. In irl, people say all kinda shit about people who watch anime. At least in where I live.

| >>764605
Yes I understand that as well... But I still think that there're also wholesome anime ( that is the kind of animes I mostly watch) so I still be a little sad about anime being inmediatly called out as something bad or sick

| >>764649
Oh. Where I live anime is still looked out as something unusual but not bad, and that is something that has changed just recently

| I've seen a guy wearing hoodie with kanji for "hentai" drawn in it and the phrase "Hentai" underneath, while aitting in the military enlistment office.

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