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Name an anime that nobody else here has watched

| The goal of this game is to be the #1 coolest obscure anime watcher ever. All you have to do is name an anime you've watched that you think nobody else on /a/ has watched. If someone else responds saying they've seen the show, you lose. The only way to win is to have nobody respond to you by the time the thread closes.
My anime is: eX-Driver

| hee that's hard to decide there's several.

Ok mine is : Suna no bara

| My hero academia

| Haha jk

Mine is: Urban Square

| >>763630 I have seen some of eX-Driver, but I have not watched all of it. Does that count as a loss?

Mine is: Cool Devices

| >>9cd98c
I’ve seen some of cool devices.

My personal pick would be: Boogiepop Phantom (I know there is one more g/u/or here that swears by it and has seen it)

For an H anime: Starless? I don’t really see anyone talk about stuff adapted from Sei Shoujo’s work talked about much.

| >>763659 I've seen Boogiepop

E.Y.E.S. of Mars

| blood+

| >>763685 I've seen it.

| 18if


| Tamala 2010

| >>763685 >>763706
Those are pretty popular shows.

| Hmmm I hope nobody else has seen Residence (NSFW btw if you look it up). The most obscure real anime I've seen is probably School Days, but a lot of old school anime fans have probably seen it.

| >>763724 School days is not obscure at all my friend. I haven't seen Residence tho so you got that right.

| Wolf's rain

Saddest anime ever

| Dantalian no Shoka
Allison to Lillia
Casshern Sins (took me quite some time to finish that one)
Go! Go! 575 (for HSP fans)

| >>763659 >>763731 >>763739

I've seen Boogiepop Phantom (read the light novels first,) Wolf's Rain, and Casshern Sins, all good stuff.

This one I found on accident online, and is probably one of the most abstract animes I've ever seen- "Kaiba."

| Iria the animation

| >>763747
Kaiba is awesome! The same guy made some other experimental stuff too.

| >>763748
Sry dude I've seen it. Cool stuff

| >>763748 >>763772
Yup, but not very rare. I think there are even a couple of video games.


| I've seen too much nsfw anime in my life, i watched Residence and Starless(played the VN not too long ago as well)

I'd go with Brave Beats (god have mercy for those who watched this unironically)
But do multiple shows count? I'd be interested if anyone watched these:
-Ganbare Kickers
-Iblard Jikan
-pretty much anything from Garo
-The Cockpit
-Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories

| PROBABLY akuma no riddle

| Did anyone else watch Cyber City Oedo 808?

| >>763776 aw sweet!

| https://anonfiles.com/ZeH0J8ybu4

| >>763791
I had no idea but apparently Iria the animation is based on two live-action movies called Zeiram.

| >>763706 played AIR and watched the first couple episodes

| >>763794 Yeah. Totally different vibes but the movies are still fun

| >>5f0a4b

You going to play closed game? I really want more empress games to get localized. I would buy Potential Ability, Lewdness or the Starless sequels in a heartbeat.

| >>763785 Good taste, fun anime

Mine would be Heaven's Lost Property, although I don't think it's that obscure. Alternatively, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

| Kikaider

| >>ddd11f
You bet i will, was really happy to see it translated. Sei Shoujos Artstyle and VNs are beautiful eyecandy (even though i'm not a big fan of the whole scat thing but to each his own)
We could use a lot more VN translations in general, my list of untranslated stuff has become huge over the last years.

And to somewhat stay on topic, here is another obscure shortfilm
-On Your Mark


| anyone here heard of redline

| Ixion saga

Big order

| >>763887
Well they're rather popular at least among people already weeb in 2012-13.
But then I must be old already, tfw 22 year old boomer.

| Still remember in highschool when my friend told me that sora no otoshimono changed his vision of woman.

| Canaan

| >>763950
Sorry, I've seen that one. Pretty cool actually.

| >>763935
You mean the movie that was 100% hand-drawn? If so, yeah, it's awesome.

I will literally give up my left arm for anyone who even remotely acknowledges a scene from Tamala 2010.

| >>763945 sora no otoshimono looks chobits as af. Might watch it

| Mysterious Girlfriend X

| >>763782 I watched Bartender, sorry

| >>763967 this too. Fuck saliva.

| >>763961 Do yourself a favor and skip the second movie

| >>763941 Checks out tbh

| >>763935

good shit.

| >>763938

Big Order is bad.


Fanfiction.net has better writing by far.

| Cage of edan

| >>763731 I watched wolf's rain growing up, might need to rewatch it again since I've been listening to the ost recently

| >>763995 I tottaly agree

| >>10c8a2
wtf is this

| >>764030
So you sacrified your computer for us, wat was this exe file ?

| >>763969
>>763782 here, no need to be sorry,
no one claimed Brave Beats (or the rest tbh) so far and Bartender was a really nice show! Hope you liked it as well.

Redline is awesome

You mean the Manga Cage of Eden? I read it, was really good but sadly the last 5 chapters killed it for me.

| >>6b0ff5

I’m barely dipping my toes into VNs, but empress has always been the most intriguing to me. I do see a lot of interesting titles on VN databases and the like and I agree; it would be nice to get more works translated. There aren’t too many on Steam, JAST, etc. are there any sites you would recommend?

Also to stay on topic I have another title:


Abe of Serial experiments Lain fame worked on this one iirc. The team wanted to make something upbeat after SEL

| >>764074
Yeah this one was a nice original slice of life.

| >>764074 Saw Niea_7, only thing I can remember is the fantastic music. It was really difficult to appreciate since I was expecting more Lain.

Am I winning with no one else having seen E.Y.E.S. of Mars?

| >>764074
Yeah, official english translations are few and far between.
I'd love to say DMM or DLsite, but their support for anything english is...well, pretty bad if nonexistent.
Other than that i've been sailing the high seas for VNs for some time now (for different reasons)
Look into F95 or nyaa.si if you're okay with that.
Otherwise my expertise is not really better than what's written here:
Hope it helps!

Another Anime:

| >>764126
I'm second post and I am also winning, just saying.

| Memories of Phantasm

| I wonder if anybody here has watched "Natsume's book of friends"? I don't think it's a niche anime but I think is one of the most "niche animes" I've watched
Totally would recommend ir 10/10

| Yuri Seijin Naoko-san

| >>764150
cirno has 9 in her eyes
can it be considered anime with just a pilot I wonder

| Musashi Gundoh

| >>764150 this is actually watched by every 2hu newfag

| Garzey's Wing

| Watch Cross Ange for lesbian robot pilots, decent story, and bullshit false deaths.

| I have a piece that is very unknown: Alien 9

| >>764436
Read the manga after someone mentioned it here on /a/. It's pretty good desu.

| Boku no piko

| >>764474 that one sounds neat, I think I will check it out

| Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite (One Day A Letter Arrives from the Dog Kingdom) is a cute little show around 11 minutes long about a dog and its owner.

| Guess I'll give it a shot

| >>d9fc32 >>d9fc32
But that's the best part

| >>763792 my computer broke while trying to watch it, not even an anime

| Sailor Moon

| Dragon's Heaven

| >>764622
hehe I've watched 2 years ago, before it became "popular" thx to kenny lauderdale

| >>764056 its a creepy atmospheric game with gore images. virustotal says its clean but still its still fucked the images it contains. its a walking simulator where you walk dark hallways.

| I saw Mei and the Kittenbus in the Saturn Theater.

| Gokicha

| >>763688
Nice try

| Most obscure anime i've seen is probably taboo tattoo, though chrome shelled regios is probably around that obscurity level too

| One of my highschool classmates made an anime on their school computer over their entire highschool career... With no backups. You see where this is going.

School wiped all computers a full month before announcing that they needed them all returned at the end of the year. He showed it to me 2 weeks before everything got wiped. It was similar to megaman, but it was tech vs magic and the robots were the bad guys.

| Brave 10, don't watch it, it's bad

| >>764134 I've seen Memories, 2/3 films are good, third one is kind of weird.

My anime would be "Kuchuu Buranko".

| Someone probably has seen it
Super Milk-chan

It's an endearing comedy that sounds like a family voiced it instead of professional voice actors... I'd watch the first few episodes.

| Gregory Horror Show, Kaiba, and Narutaru

| Acchi Kocchi

| >>765267 Acchi Kocchi was actually one of the first anime I ever watched. Pretty cute. Definitely holds a special place in my heart

| >>765267 >>765268
Is it about sneezing?

Let's get together and watch some of these diamonds in the rough. I/we can set up a stream if there's any interest.

| >>764436 A bit late, but I've actually read it multiple times, not much of the continuation.

| >>764454 Also that someone might have been me...

| >>765070 Wait, you don't like the Cannon?

| >>765712 I searched for the thread. It was me, because there is only one single post about the manga. Interesting how we both are still here after a year.

| >>765713 it's not that I don't like it, just the Stinky Bomb and Magnet Rose are better.

| Akagi.

| >>765844 Akagi is pretty popular though

| Turning girls

| >>765763 Stinky bomb is literally about a bomb, it's weakest out of 3. No meaning at all.

| Anyone else saw Future Robot Daltanious? Also, at what point an old anime become obscure?

| Among all the anime I've seen (not a whole lot actually...) the only one I can think nobody else knows is Utawarerumono.
I don't even know how I found it, but it was one of the first animes I ever watched... and that's probaby why I liked it back then.
I'm sure it's bad, but I'll still recommend it!

| >>766092 but the quality of animation...

| Wolf brigade

| Future boy Conan 2 doesn't have subtitles, but I watched it

| Sakurada reset

| >>766223
That one is super popular.

| Campione!

| >>766132 I've seen it. And the "second season" or whatever it was too.

| >>763644 I usually hate older anime but god fucking damn Irene is too cool
>>99815f after watching Utena I did a deep dive into old romance shows and movies, I watched some then stopped because history bores me
>>9f41dc Demo D got me to see it
>>73905f yuri you say?
>>178ae6 watched because memes very cute
>>f97dbe Uta is a really cool series and the games are pretty fun
>>cfc9bd watched after it got a live action
>>c1b124 watched 1 episode and quit

My pick: Edens Bowy

| >>765884
Everyone I talked to doesn't know it.

| >>766528
Yeah it's just not underground.

| Fire x Fire

Legendary shit post of an anime

| Mahou Shoujo Ai

| I have a shitpost too >>766784
Inferno Cop

| >>764913 Haven't seen any of the two, but Regios artworks are unbelievable. I had to puke after looking at the anime adaptation art in comparison.

| Haven't seen them yet but at a local convention I was able to get a the DVDs to a few old stuff like Noein, Tokyo Undergound, Read or Die and Highlander (also got both ghost in the shell movies and a few Stand Alone Complex episodes)

| >>764622

| Anne Frank's diary

| Black Magic M66
Dominion Tank Police (1990s OVA)

| Genji Monogatari

| >>767213 an utterly boring shit btw

| Monster hunter stories anime

| Dennou Coil

| Naruto

| 'Kids on the slope / Sakamichi no Apollon' is one of my all times favourites. It's pretty comfy at times.

| >>767212 >>767249
watched (dominion tank not yet)

| Angelic layer

| >>767578
I saw it so you lost 2 burg points

| Lucky star.

| Cat planet cuties

| >>767969 sorry bud. Watched it. Lose 1 b/u/rg.

| Concrete revolutio
Riding bean

| >>768042 I watched concrete revolutio, the first season anyway

I don't think they're really that obscure, but mine is akatsuki no yona.

If movies count, Angel's Egg

| >>768042
Yo I've watched Riding Bean, such a cool ova.

| So... Nobody watched "Natsume's book of friends"? I commented that anime on this thread a long time ago, and it seems no one have watched it..

| >>768058
weird, it isn't even underground and even had a reasonable little popularity at some point.

| >>768042 watched Riding Bean.>>768044 watched Angel's Egg.
Both of you lose 1 b/u/rg. :3

| >>767897
yeah but I still have 2 more burgs for the two animes u didn't watch and 3 burgs for watching 3 other animes

| Rozen Maiden

| >>768301 is that a joke

| >>768306 yep.

My pick though: Koharu Biyori

| Kamisama no memochou
idk, I liked this anime but never saw anyone else ever mention it

| Well guess what asshats! I know you don't care or even know what I'm talking about, but Tamala is finally getting a sequel after 14 years!! I couldn't be more extatic O M G

A Punk Cat in Darkness here I come!

| >>768386 omg what how did I miss this news?!?!

>>768381 seen it, was my introduction into anime, then I watched bones, then Puella, then nichijou, then some hentai...

| >>768513 finally someone else that watched it

| Rainbow

| >>768513
I don't know! I can't believe I managed to miss it either. Apparently they've been working on it for quite some time.



| >>763649
high school mother?

| Uh... haven't seen these mentioned so:
- Di Gi Charat
- Puni Puni Poemy

Yeah... I watch obscure random gag anime...

| >>768818 Seen and read Di Gi Charat. Don't know if I'd call it obscure, but then again nobody else I know knows about it.

| Haven't seen either of these pop up yet:
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Shamanic Princess

| Whoever said Bartender: The anime was fine, but the manga was excellent. One of my favorites to read.

| >>768818
I watched those back in the day. DiGi Charat even had a swedish Eurowishion winner as its theme song, which was weird.

| >>768903 avid collector of all thinks YKK. Watched and read many times. Lose a b/u/rg.

| *things

| I used to use crunchyroll's random button pretty often, but I don't remember any of the names of what I saw. So instead we are going with +tic Neesan.

| >>768903 seen Yokohama

| >>768823 well, someone that looks for specifically comedy show nowadays would have to go pretty deep in the list to get to Di Gi Charat. Nobody would recommend it to others too because it's so old.

>>768936 was the anime also dubbed?

| I highly doubt anyone else here watched this:
Ippatsu Kiki Musume

Read Or Die was fun, sad most people hage forgotten it.

Nope, but I see it finally got an official english release! And I'd say anime used to be old after 30 years, but with the rate anime is released nowadays, it might be 15 or 20.

| Sekai Seifuku

| >>769048
The song wasn't dubbed. It was a cover. Maybe I should've specified that.

Also I think the show's getting a reboot or something.

| >>768818 Puni puni poemy with french dumb is my ultimate comic influence.
>>769009 Maybe try watching anime older than 5 year olds ? You don't have to thou. Crunchyroll only have recent ones that aren't already claimed by other companies.

| >>769244 *french dub

| The Final Evangelion Rebuild movie.

| >>769269 you watched the camrip ? was it worth not waiting a little longer ?

| >>769281 maybe he's japanese

| Dayum, that's a good one

| :3

| >>769244
Oh wow, I haven't thought about Puni Puni Poemy in forever!

| Sol Bianca

| so ra no wo to

| >>769505 One of my favorite <3
>>769467 I've already downloaded it and will probably watch in one week or two

| >>769244 Well I only did that back when I watched a lot of anime, which was already five years ago.
Submission nr 2 for me is Muromi-san.

| Yuru Camp

| >>770432 Ha ha ha....

| >>2ac97f ?

| >>770432
It is quite popular for the sol enjoyer, but personally I've only watched the first episode.

| Save my earth

Black cat

Even if it’s a loss for this challenge, its a win for me, because I’ve found new people to talk about the series with!!

| >>770707
I remember watching Black Cat, but it was a while ago. I've been meaning to rewatch it, but i can't find the episodes in decent quality anywhere.

| FLCL and Gunsmith Cata

| Cats*

| kill me baby

| >>770978
you rofl or what?
seen both.

you loose both of your burgs.

| The Star of Cottonland

| gatchaman crowds (・∀・)

| >>771261
First anime name here that I haven't heard of.

| >>771544 not OP but, food, climate, interesting locales, food, animals,cultural variety and did mention FOOD

| Happy Sugar Life

| My Hero Artemis N. Falkmore

| Galaxy express 999

| Cory in the house

| >>771878 shio is love, shio is life

| haibane renmei

| >>771985 Good one... I think. I just enjoyed the aesthetics

| >>771945 Classic, actually

| One anime I watched a few years ago was the Zone of the Enders: Idolo movie. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember I liked it a lot

| Boku no Pico

| Odd taxi, gikkuk talked about it, was very good :D

| Imma say Busou Renkin. Maybe the most generic shounen battle anime. Probably went under most of yours radar.

| I love sex.

| 我就不信在座的各位看过《葫芦娃》lol

| Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
Pale Cocoon

| Samurai Flamenco

| Ayy rovu sekusu

| Noir

| Dogtanian and the Three Musquehounds

| >>764414
Seen it, definitely the most "so bad it's good" anime I've ever seen.

It makes me sad how little known Haibane Renmei is. It deserves so much more recognition.

On topic:
Oniisama E

| Haibane Renmei has been on my ptw for forever now. Its just sitting there in my queue....

On topic:
Seen technolyze. What a blast from the past.

For myself: Canvas 2, Gunbuster 2.

| >>772857
Gunbuster had a sequel!?!

| >>772864
Yeah dude. It's just as good too.

| >>772740 Texhnolyze is a cult classic. I personaly hate it.

| >>772867 Groovin' magic

| >>772857
I'd highly recommend it. It genuinely changed my life.

Can't say it's my favourite, but I thought it was pretty interesting. What do you hate about it?

| The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl is one of the coolest things I've seen as of late. Massive recommendation.

| I bet all of you here has never watched eva lmao

| >>772978 I hate the storytelling. This slow-paced and discountinuos story that you can miss if you blink for even a moment. It's disgusting.

| >>773046 Anyone who know's Tatami Galaxy should have seen it by now. I, personally, already did.

| >>773148

Hol up, is that a movie version of Tatami Galaxy?

| >>773189
nah g/u/rl, it's a spin off, and a good one.


Watched gunbuster 2

| >>773194
Awesome, thanks! Doesn't matter whether it's a spinoff or not, you can inject anything related Tatami Galaxy directly into my veins

| >>769269 (Me)
I'm going to look real silly once mid-August rolls around...

| Spriggan

| Touhou Gensou Mangekyou!
The world needs more touhou animu and mango tbh.

| >>774027 no... That way we'll get more idiots. The games are good filter from bakas

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