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The garden of words

| >Tfw no alcoholic 27-years old gf with unresolved issues

That can go for both Jill and Yukino

| The garden of words was cool. God bless makoto shinkai-sama.

| I love Makoto Shinkai, his animation is fresh and nice.

That being said I want an older woman more than anything.

| Yeaah older onee-san with big badoonkers

| Sure it was pretty, but god damn did the story suck. Please seek onee-sans and shotas elsewhere.

| >>763286
Whats your opinion on your name ?
I like it and hate it at the same time, it is shit but beautifully made. But then I'm emotionless cuz I don't cry for a love relationship that don't make sense. Predictable plain story and no character development. But can't deny I love it as I watch it multiple times and recommended it to people.

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This thread is permanently archived