Toku Bread

| Just started getting in to Toku. Took me long enough but i started with Kamen Rider Wizard. only up to where Beast shows up but im having a lot of fun. what should i watch after? doesnt have be Kamen Rider

| i like kamen rider ooo and w,and zero-one is bullshit

| What did you like about wizard? The usual recommends are things like Kuuga and Agito, but I recommend Gaim. Sure the idea of fruit samurai is weird, but the season is so good. Zero One is also really cool andas tbe first Reiwa rider, it's making a great statement.

| I think the majority of my feelings on it are: This is some dumb fun and neat fight choreo. Thats really all there is in it for me. The story isn't what brought me here, but its one of the reasons im staying interestingly enough

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