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Rare manga

| Guys, where you find rare manga? Share your resource please.

| Internet.

| I call it "weeb shuffle".
It's a technique passed by every weeb from one generation to another. The only true sorce of manga and/or anime

| nyaa

| I'm in Japan and searching for manga I like is difficult. Makes me think my interests are rare (even though they're not). Like Junji Ito is rare. Recently I can't find Shadow Star

| my local shady ass underground anime shop that sells fan reprints and homemade figurines without receipts in a basement of an abandoned building.
found the first chapter of black lagoon there the other day, in a bin full of some poor quality yuri

| Yahoo! Auctions Japan is where I get all my obscure official anime merch from. The mangos there will all be in Japanese tho.

| >>762527
Is Ito rare over there? He's kinda big over here.

| >>762708 I only ever found his comics at this "hot topic"-like place

| Baka.

Sounds pretty cyber.

| POV: you go in to see what's there, you open a door and suddenly you're at the SCP foundation>>69c975 >>3e4870

| >>762545 that place sounds sick

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