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Anime nowadays

| G/u/rls is it me or almost all new anime coming out this season are shit? The only enjoyable one was that one about the witch who defeated slimes for 300 years.

What would you recommend?

| Depends on what u want from anime. If u r looking for good animation and story, this season is very good. Vivy, 86, moriarty, eternity, spider, etc. I couldnt continue slime witch even as a palette cleanser lol

| watch odd taxi...

| >>957cdd
We want very different things judging by the stuff you're enjoying, thanks for the stuff

| >>6229c6 I'll give it a look

| >>957cdd

This, but also Shadows House

| Fumetsu no anata e and Vivy are amazing. 86 is good.

| Anime died past 2007

| >>761957 u missin out then bro. Its not like the authors of the 90s stuff died there or nvr made an inspiration for future works

| >>761957
Nichijou was 2011 and... uhm... also...
Damn, you might be right!

| "Back in MY day, everything was sunshine and roses!"

No, anime had always been trash with a few gems here and there. Either dig through the coal for the specs of diamond, or learn to love the garbage. The trash isekais are so stupid most of the time they're basically a comedy. Unintentional gold.

| >>762024
JoJo after 2012: damn, I must be invisible.

| >>56ad25 C'mon, JoJo isn't that good, it's decent. Truth be told I really miss 90s anime, if someone released something like G Gundam again I'd totally watch it

| The industry is just more efficient, so less experimentation happens because of it. Same with any other industry producing products.

You're best bet will probably be short films but they don't have the weight of a large production company so they don't get traction.

| >>762296 Are you sure it's due to efficiency? Friends in the industry told me the market tightened so companies mostly cater to whales with mediocre taste. Experimentation is risky. Maybe finally in recent years it's getting better but corona hit so maybe back to mediocrity

| >>fce4cf people wanna place safe bets and cheap ones, it's why almost every anime uses 3d models these days.

I was sort of hoping that a lot of studios would take to patreon but the Japanese industry is still old school in terms of financing.

I swear 3d hentai artists got shit on better lock then studios.

| >>762403 Hey, porn has always been a leader in adopting new technology. Has for all of human existence.

| The authors of Serial Experiment Lain said that making an anime like Lain is impossible within the modern anime industry.
Gainax founders said that the otaku culture died around 2007.
Time has changed, but I believe everything moves in a cycle, so let's wait.
There's indeed still good anime but I feel you, not the same feeling.

| f*ck

| Demon Slayer, visually, was stunning but the underlying theme of brother/sister love keeps me thinking it's just trying to get that lonely virgin money

| yeah Ufoable does good work. I'm just not a fan of Fate so there isnt much by them for me

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