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Kentaro Miura, Berserk's Mangaka, Has Passed Away.

| https://twitter.com/berserk_project/status/1395212918040391680

Rest in peace.

| ;_;

| Should've endedberserk 30 years ago.

| My stigma tattoo is bleeding

| Guess i'll stop reading manga

| RIP berserk fans. This is my fear of Hunter X Hunter as well.

| He was only 54 ;_;

| He had literally one job! This death frustrates me more than everything.

| >>761147 get a load of this fuckin guy.

| Death is natural

| ouch

| His works will remain one of the greatest works of fiction ever. Full stop.

| I haven't even read Berserk and yet I'm really sad about this. So many of the things I like can trace their inspiration back to it.

I heard he died because of some untreated heart disease? And that being overworked might contribute to that? He was only 54, that's so young!

| Was Berserk ever finished? If not will someone else finish it?

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It's not finished yet, and who knows if it will be. Miura did have assistants and he probably talked about his plans for the story with them, so maybe.

| I imagine storyboards at least are done. a basic script maybe. but honestly, I would rather it just stay where it is. i feel like it would somehow be disrespectful to pick up someone else's life work like that

| The most sad and beautiful manga ever goes unfinished at right the most precious time (for those who got there...)

IMO Miura was a true artist and although it's sad to see it end this way, Berserk deserves to remain unfinished there.

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I mean, it was a tear in an aortic artery. I don't think anything he could have done would have caused it. Just a sudden sad death.

| One night later and I still can't accept it. It all feels like a really shitty dream that refuses to go away.
I never properly took up reading Berserk, but I've seen enough snippets of both the manga and the anime in the past that it just tore me the fuck apart. To have such a dedicated, inspiring, *bright* person disappear on account of such sudden bullshit and at that young of an age is deeply saddening.

| It only gets worse when you comb through all the works that Miura directly and indirectly influenced. Without Berserk, shit like DMC, Monster Hunter, and FFVII wouldn't be the same - and I'd be surprised if Demon's Souls + later entries would even exist in the first place.

Rest easy, struggler.

| It's really sad, but I do think that despite being unfinished, Berserk will remain as a masterpiece. It's more than incredible, even without the ending. So, I don't think people should complain about that. Just let the man rest easy. He worked hard and gave the world an unforgettable art piece. Honestly an inspiration.

| I will miss filthy frank too

| I absolutely loved the amount of detail he put into his work

some examples: https://www.exprofundis.com/the-art-of-berserk/

| An assistant has taken over and will be continuing the series. The assistants have already made quality work on their own. The series is in good hands.

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