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Death Note

| who would you kill if you had death note?

| Kim Jong Un, Xi Jing Ping,Tim Sweeney and Bobby Kotick.

| Everyone? Or at least kill off a city so I can live in a ghost town then pretend to be in terminator.

| Just open a hitman service and enjoy the free money

| >>760229 Makes sense.

| Don't really want to forfeit my soul, no one i suppose

| >Metaphysical option
Kill death itself
>JRPG option
Kill God
>Deterrence option
Anyone else with a Death Note
>Realistic Option

| >>760893 nobody is pretty good. but cmon you would at least TRY it to see if it works.

| >>2be083 Exactly, at least kill someone to just "test it out", if you know what I mean. Someone dies? Oops, just testing..

| This handsome-looking stranger who stares at me in the mirror

| I would probably write as many congressmen and women as I could into a ritual sacrifice scene on the congressional floor doing all kinds of crazy shit before everyone commits suicide en mass. Considering it has the power to force people to do things before they die. Then just tune into C-SPAN and watch shit go down and the massive political fallout as everyone immediately thinks the government is possessed by demons.

| >>760158 signing in

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This thread is permanently archived