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Favorite Anime Weapon?

| Title moment. Mine is the railgun, I mean, overpowered in games too!

| Tentacles

| >>759195 wait... Does it mean that i want lewd with weapons?!

| Excalibur from Soul Eater

| Are we talking types of weapons, or specific ones? Because I gotta go with crescent rose. I don't care if you hate RWBY, or if you think it's not a real anime. Nothing can top the beauty of "gun that turns into scythe." Im sorry, it's just not possible.

| >>759195
The only choice, really.


Yang's shotgun gauntlets are much more handy, though.

| The katana strong enough to slice trough other katanas.

| High school DxD Issei`s horny hand is pretty sick

| I think Asta's demon weaponry is so cool and a neat spin on mc weaponry.

| Ryuko's Scissors-blade, from kill-la-kill, it looks sick

| >>759287 I agree with this guy. Horny hand 100%

| Something something slab of iron

| >>759348 I really like the single scissor blade but whenever they were used together it looked way too goofy imo

| Ass.

| Truck-kun's hot body

| 3DMG.

| Dragonslayer

| A lot of the Guilty Crown Voids are really cool, plus I think it's a neat concept


| I know anime weapons are over the top and ridiculous but,just a simple Glock or revolver than actual hurts and kills people and is realistic is to be honest my favorite. It can really help ground the anime.

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