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Oh no... I did it... (update)

| I'm a little over 100 episodes in now, and I'm genuinely loving it. I thought I'd regret starting a show that's over 970 episodes and still airing, but I don't at all. I'm enjoying it a lot :3

| Op, turn back now. Before you're 450 episodes in, at that point it's impossible to stop, you still have hope, please.

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No. I'm not turning back! I'm not gonna give up on them. They've grown on me more and more. It's too late!

| Fav strawhat rn?

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Honestly, I think it might be Luffy. I love all of them for different reasons, but I like the attitude that Luffy has and the way he pulls people together, even though he's far from the most interesting character.
Nami is probably a close second.

| bruh.

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| Glad you enjoyed it. Remember to take breaks when you think it is boring. Rushing a long running series can sometimes burns you out. Especially when there's a filler arc that's going on for a while.

And there's always an option to skip the filler arc, some people find this distasteful, but I'd rather people skipping than dropping the anime alltogether just because they get filtered by a non canon episodes.

| Also, when you find the show got dragged on (because of 5 minutes of OP, recap, and ED) you can always read the manga.

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I'm probably gonna watch that. I just like the world and characters a lot. It doesn't need to be cannon.

I just skip that. Or, well, I skip to the last 10 seconds of the opening so I get to hear some of it, and then I skip the recap. It's not an issue for me.

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