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What is the nyaa.si of western animation?

| I wanna get my hands on some 90's stuff like Spongebob.

| Ohh yeah I would like to know as well

| There is none, sorry.

| Make a one.

| I found avatar last airbender in nyaa.si years ago, never tried others though.

I think your best bet is piratebay, and if it's not there, then you have to rummage google search to find the hard subbed version. Usually Thai or other languanges which are obscure enough that they haven't been hit by copyright stike. And that's if you lucky that they sub it instead of dub it.

| Rargb has yet to fail me

| Also, if you are in Yurop, look for a piratebay proxy site on Google.

Piratebay still holds surprisingly well for all the beatings it took.

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This thread is permanently archived