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Chi no Wadachi

| Holy fucking shit. This manga is amazing. The art is so unsettling and the author does absolutely chilling expressions on the characters. I binged the entire manga in one sitting and ended up looking at some other stuff they did.
Inside Mari was just as captivating and mindfucky as Chi no Wadachi. I may have found my new favorite Psycholigcal Manga artist.

Still doesnt beat Punpun though.

| I don't know but okay.

| I prefer Onani Master Kurosawa over Aku no hana, but damn yeah that artist as an incredible way to emphasize evil/mad people.

That guy basically is a victim of feminism, he view himself as a pathetic digusting man and draw his main male characters like that.
But with inside mari, he finally accepted the beauty and purity (the woman inside) of himself and and all other mens.

| Agreed, trail of blood is good but not as good as punpun. I didnt care much for flowers of evil tbh

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This thread is permanently archived