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| 177013. Who's read it. Opinions?

| The JoJo ending is the only good thing to come out of JoJo.
And I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Disney adaptation.

| Morals of the story: don't do karaoke

| Was funny when it was the meme hentai of 4chan, but when youtubers talked about it, everyone started to praised it as the greatest hentai, like wtf do you even read doujinshi to think this ?
Sure the degradation is sickening and incredible but that's not the best story.
Like, I mean, all based ntr have good stories. The vanilla has the wholesome.
And sometimes you have amazing concept that you will never see outside of hentai/doujin.

| Was pretty good. You guys should read uziga waitas stuff too

| >>757169 Unironically "meme hentai" okay.

| ShindoL's other stuff is more interesting.

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This thread is permanently archived