Delinquent Girls

| I've been starving for manga with delinquent girls. It all started when I read "Torako! Don't Break Everything!" Now all I want to read are stories about cute girls in blazers and sukeban. Any suggestions?

| Sounds like a fetish.

| Is there like a specific genre you're looking for (e.g. delinquent girl romance)? Or are you open to anything so long as it's got delinquent girls?

| Kimagure Orange Road and Zombieland Saga both have really good delinquent girls

| tsujidou san no jun'ai road

| I'm down to read anything really. I'm giving Zombieland a watch with a friend soon.
I'll give Orange Road a look later! Thank you!

| yeah but in kimagure orange road and zombie land saga it's just some episodes focusing on it.

There's plenty of movie and live action with sukeban in their name, like Sukeban deka(which is originally a manga) and Terrifying Girl's high school and other recent stuff.

Most of the time they're not the main subject, so I'd also like to know more manga/anime focusing on them.

| Kill La Kill is the most obvious choice

| Jojo part 6 if you're interested

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