Boku no Pico

| Have you unironically watched it? If so, what are your honest opinions?

| I tried watching it for the memes.
It was weird as hell but had some good romance moments and cheating. The sex scenes are not that good compared to others shota isn't my cup of tea either.

| I have watched it. It was pain on another level IMO.

| Don't watch an anime called Boki no Pico.

| I tried, but damn was it painful to watch.

| Weeb friend put it on the big screen at a college party as a joke. We ended up watching all of it and maybe I've just seen too much hentai but it wasn't that shocking to me imo

| yeah it was alright. animation is solid but not a big fan of the art style

| It's like the cerberos of hentai and degenerate anime content, really.

It gatekeeps people who think that anime is for kids, shock them and make then never return. But if you, let's say, people who have already seen tentacle hentai, you are already on the other side of the gate, so it does nothing to you.

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