Thoughts on Hentai?

| Hot.

| Cold.

| Tight?

| Wriggly!

| Milky


| Art.

| I like reading better.

| >>756491 Reading while masturbating is kinda awkward.

| >>756534 noob

| Put soft loli breathing noises on in the background and it should do the trick.

| Milk factory released a new title recently. U can find it on h-suki. They even added animations for the side girls hscenes. Fucking incredible

| Needs more tentacles

| There are a decent handful of good artist but on the whole it's hot garbage that has to rely on the context of other media for people to get there jollies. Which enables people to make a decent living off of doodles.

It's where art cums to die in a jar. Both technically and creatively.

| Can't stand watching hentai but love doujinshis. More variety in doujins imo

| >>756871

That last description is shockingly accurate and beatiful.

| Hentai videos are actually so gross. And most if it is pretty rapey. The sounds are nasty and the voices aren't great.
Theres a lot more variety in doujins and sometimes I find myself browsing tsumino or nhentai for interesting reads more than anything

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