Oh no... I did it...

| I started One Piece...
And the worst part?
I'm enjoying it a lot...

| :3
Luffy is a good boy who loves his freinds!!

Enjoy the journey its a long one

| >>756246
He really is a good boy.

I will! Thank you.

| my cousin once twisted my arm about it so i put on the dub in the background until i ran out of dub. it was about when Frankie joins. never touched it since

| ive heard a lot of good things about it but man i just dont have the time anymore. hope you enjoy!

| >>756271
You sound like a friend of mine. Only difference is that he puts on the sub in the background but he doesn't know Japanese at all.

I have as well, and now that I really needed some distraction and people had stopped trying to force me to watch it, well, I gave in.
Thank you!

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