Thoughts on Ecchi Anime?

| What's up my horny sluts, what's your opinion on ecchi anime, such as high school of the dead.

| It's where I get my inspiration for how monster girls would act. Yanno kinda like knowing the anatomy of the monster

| Don't have anything against it or anyone who likes it, but I personally prefer not to watch it.

| You eventually reach a point where you stop thinking "this is stupid" and start to appreciate the lewd aspect as another part of the show. You even start to get preferences on the way it's executed. For example, I prefer the old flavor of anime, where the toddy was out, but felt less like "oh WOW!" And more like "this scene also has some titty. Enjoy!" Case in point: Ranma 1/2. Lots of jiggly bits, half baked girls, and even nipple in the ova, but there's a sort of natural feeling

| not fun where you're watching in living room

| Not with that attitude

| >>755133 TRUE

| >>755113 TRUE

| >>755113 This is way too long for a comment about ecchi.

| >>755838 uncultured

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