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Megumin or Rem as a waifu?

| What's up my fellow degenerates, who do you prefer? Megumin from peak comedy anime, Konosuba, or Rem from at this point i don't know anymore

| Explosion girl for the memes

| But they are both terrible waifu choices

| >>754527 correct

| Megumin, but not for waifu reasons. Just for comedy reasons.

| >>754527 Actually correct.

| >>754527 maximum choice

| Both are great with their own good and bad aspect

| I'd choose Rem because shes more responsible and reliable.

| Megumin is awesome, but please don't waifu her.

| My favorite scenes with rem and megumin are under the guro tag

| >>754813 and here I was expecting someone to mention isekai quartet

| ram > rem, so

| >>754866 sure the hair looks better but no. stop it.

| >>755016
you can not stop the truth

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This thread is permanently archived