Thoughts on Rei Ayanami?

| greatest girl of evangelion fuck you asuka no one loves you. anyways, opinions?

| i love rei

| btw

| original -> asuka
rebuild -> rei
and rei for the aesthetic

| rei and asuka are both trash
misato gang rise up

| Teh rei

| >>753840

| >>753840 >>753876

Still have it saved somewhere. Gotta love the old internet.

| >>841959 thirded

| >>753840 it hurts.

| Twenty-five years.

| >>754263
And the rebuilds will keep it going for another 15.
Parents are now teaching their children about which choice is the correct one.

| Rei is cute. Asuka is better. Misato though... She's my queen

| boomers

| Misato and pen-pen best girl

| Why hasn't anyone mentioned Kaworu yet?

| Asuka is better

| Fuck Gendo

| >>755767
I'm trying, but I'm not a clone of his dead wife or his son dressed up as her.

let's all love lain

| I love yobangelion :)

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