Thoughts on lolis?

| What do you guys think about them?

| Cute

| Not lewd

| Headpattable

| They exist.

| Gross

| Perfection

| CutÄ—

| Protecc

| Pregante?

| Fuckable

| I buy a handful of them from the candy store and suck on them.

| >>751674 bad

| They need to be protected and I'm sick of people who sexualize them

| Headpats or die

| Some of the best doujins are the loli guro ones tho. Fucked n killed in the worst ways imaginable xd.

| They are fictional characters, but small. Some of them are wholesome and make me smile :)

| Peak danger/u/ moment

| mids, I just watched perveted prince and the stony statue and now it's left a bad taste for lolis in my mouth

| Perfect for hugging

| The feeling of wanting to bully them but holding back is good.

| Pat and hug the loli

| Hug the loli pat the loli. Loli loli!

| Should be banned

| I like em with titties

| *big titties

| Hot

| Too many

| Too small

| >>751894 Not totally agreeing with this, but so many doujins feature either big busty woman or small loli, nothing in between. Both leave a bad taste in my mouth.

| >>752592 if you want something nornal then look up doujins before 2015 or earlier I guess.

| Nothing. They're just lolis. It's like you'd ask "what do you think about kids". I agree with the g/u/rl who said they exist

| Mostly annoying and annoyingly sexualized

| pref is a loli

| >>753341
I wouldn't be surprised, tbh

| >>753343
it is true look it up

| Lolis are overrated, everyone know that it's about ara ara, and yandere gf

| All hail Pref the Osaka Loli!

| pref is a polish gay male do not be dissuaded

| >>753403
Sounds perfect~

| Anon E is also a cute loli~~~

| I'm going to have sex with osaka loli pref and there nothing you can do

| I watched loli hentai. I have never wanted to die more. Do not watch it. Help.

| >>753651 you want to die because you secretly want to watch more? You slut.

| They're not real.

| As long as it's 2D, it's fine. 3D and you get the rope.

| >>753364
>Talks about basic bitch Ara and """yandere"""
Holy shit you've got bad taste

| >>754011 wouldnt say bad taste since ara ara is cool, tho yandere is for sickos and they clearly dont know what overrated means

| >>754010 isn't that /u/'s site wide rule basically

| >>753682 No, I'm traumatized now. It feels illegal, crying right now.

| Doujinshis with loli hentai give you PTSD. So does loli hentai. Normal loli anime and shit are alright, I guess..

| >>754248
Go talk to someone and work through it

| >>754529 Talking to a wall rn DonoWall

| >>754252 you are weak. W E A K !


| Protect the lolis

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