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Where do I get old anime in normal quality?

| By that I mean that I'm sick of upscalers that just waste hard drive space. I want to get some old anime that has been in 480p but on nyaasi they upload 1080 upscales. Why? I don't know. Please help

| Tried bakabt?

| Hm, I have seen only original 480 on nyaa so far. Maybe torrents for this anime are just dead?

| yup those two sites ^

| 9anime.to
Works for me at least

| try the russian blogspot, although it's hard to find but they exist. Yeah the dvd rip on nya are dying, I couldn't find a decent dvd rip for strike witches, I had to go for the upscale one

| I second 9anime.to
fantastic quality

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This thread is permanently archived