Gather around, and let us talk about the summer season.

| So what are you folks planning to watch in this summer season? I will keep watching slime, the 2 part of season 2, i don't fully understand why seasons are split into parts lately, but i'm feeling it! What are you guys gonna watch?

| I'll watch whatever you recommend me!

| I will watch only Fumetsu, or "To Your Eternity". I've read the manga and it's pretty good. Haven't been watching too much anime recently but will definitely have some time to watch it

| Another “To my Eternity” fan here! The manga is great! and the subtle details spread across the manga is one of my favourites in the series! Currently, I’m actually way behind in the manga but I kinda know what’s generally happening in the story now. Hopefully the anime is just as great.

| Jobless Reincarnation is like a better more serious Konosuba

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Jobless Reincarnation is good, but just when you settle down into the slice of life, the genre shifts. They make it work, but I wouldn't have minded if the last 3rd of the season was like the first. Two-thirds.

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see I enjoyed that because I think it sets the tone of the world which is harshness. you can't always be slice of life sometimes you gotta fight for survival

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