Grimgar frustration

| So Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash frustrates me. They introduce a mystery in the beginning then spend the rest of the series completely ignoring it! Yes, the watercolors are nice, and the combat feels suitably weighty and 'realistic', but the characters are all idiot children who don't ask obvious questions. I wanted to like the series, but there is no reason it needs to be an isekai, especially if they are going to completely ignore the mystery of amnesia and how they got there

| It *does* seem like the isekai aspect is just kinda there, doesn't it?

They could have literally just been shit adventurers and the story go from there.

| True, but I think that the isekai aspect is there to facilitate the fact that they are literally strangers and on their own without any prospect outside of adventuring. It's do or die, and it's an elegant solution to the problem of family ties or "if they suck that much, why are they even doing it in the first place?" After that, I do understand your frustration about the obvious questions that could be asked, but I mainly focus on the growing relationship between the characters.

| Yeah i think the mystery being unsolved did kind of suck but it seemed like that was supposed to be solved in future seasons of which grimgar only has one so its more likely that the writing staff just didnt have the oppurtunity to follow it up

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