| Has anyone watched it? It came up on this watch free app for my TV and I was slightly intrigued. The animation can look a little rough, but there was a weird charm to it as well. I wanna hear some g/u/rl’s opinions on it.

| It's ...okay? The fight choreography sells the first few seasons, and the voicework is good. It's got some interesting ideas it doesn't always expand on, and the later seasons kinda drag on. Watch the first season and see if it's charming enough for you. Just don't expect anything groundbreaking or amazing.


| Sorry I don't have a better review for you, g/a/l. There's good parts and bad parts, like in all shows, and I've watched it from season 1, so I'm trying not to let the current fanbase color my opinions. It's worth a watch, at least the first season, because it's got some good ideas and is enjoyable once you get past the less than stellar animation. There are definitely a lot of shows that are worse!

| It was better when the original creator, Monty Oum, was still alive. God rest his soul.

| Because it certainly lacks any in current year.

| >>749268 The story was still pretty meh with Oum in command, may he rest in peace, the guy was a champion when it came to animate a fight, but you cannot make a show with fight scenes, throw them at amateur/mediocre writer and tell them "Make a story out of it". For me RWBY is mostly about potencial, you'll see things you like, things you don't like, but it ideniably had potencial. If watching it is a goo investment of your time or not is entirely up to you.

| The first 3 seasons have their problems but are still charming and have some really good fight chorepgraphy after that monty oum died so the shows quality just kinda slowly dipped into a dumpster in following season

| It's a dumpster fire but it does have its charm. It's got potential for an absolutely fantastic story, but squanders it with every season.

It's interesting.

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