Kino no tabi, and others like it.

| Lets share some anime that share many elements to kino no tabi.

| Great stuff, but i don't know many anime that shares a similar plot.

| Same here. As far as I know it's pretty unique. This is a stretch but maybe Kaiba?

| Mushishi has a few similarities

| I only watched a few episodes of kino, but i got similar vibes to girls' last tour - a roadtrip story made up of little anecdotes that are meant to highlight something and make you think about it differently or say "wouldn't that be weird"? The first episode of GLT definitely referenced kino too. The tones were kind of different though

| OP here, i will recommend some anime. That i feel like they are kinda like kino.

ARIA The ANIMATION ( all of them )
So Ra No Wo To
Shigofumi ( not layback )
Natsume Yuujinchou ( all of them )

Keep in mind that i wanted the feeling that kino offered with how layback it felt.

I remember watching, "girls last tour" and i had a great time, if my memory is correct, i really liked it, and i'm happy people still talk about it.

| >>748848
Full Color's Sketchbook is probably the most laidback anime I have ever watched.

| >>748894
What was it about?

| >>748897
It's not about anything, that's the beauty of it.

| Kino is my wife.

| Anything under the iyashikei genre will give you a similar vibe.
For recs, YuruCamp, K-ON, Tamako Market, and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou are all peak comfy

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