I personally didn't enjoy watching Lain

| I dropped it after 6th episode. I can't seem to get what's going on and I'm getting sick of how everything revolves around her, like she's a snowflake. The only character I sort of like is Arisu.

| It makes sense later on

| I'm alice

| Same

| you need to be a chosen one, that's why

| >>748659 snowflakes

| It's not uncommon for Lain(or FLCL) to require several viewings before you start to get the big picture. It's not like the story is something big and complex that you can write volumes to deconstruct and neither do you need a high IQ to grasp it. Rather it's told in an elusive way with tons of information presented at once. It's easy to miss small bits that you might catch on repeated viewings.

If you manage to understand the peoples motivations things become a little more clearer

| >>748701 i did get Lain as disconnected girl who can't have healthy relationship with people.. And a lot philosophical thoughts around..

| Good ol' you didn't like it because you didn't get it argument.

| But does Lain enjoy watching you?

| >>748701 this is BS, no anime should require second time viewing in order for you to get it.

You go back to the first episode after finishing it if you really like the show and want to observe more details or unexplained stuff. If you finish a show, you don't get it or don't like it, the show is not for you.

| >>749028
>no anime should require second time viewing in order for you to get it.

Says who?

There are no rules to watching anime. Enjoy it your own way.

| >>749033 Yes, there's no rules to watching anime. OP is already sick of the show so, it is a good decision to drop the show and move on to other shows that she might enjoy.

People who say "you need to rewatch it" or "wait until episode x before you drop it" are the ones imposing rules on watching anime.

| >>749112
>wait until episode x before you drop it

Who said that? I certainly didn't.

If OP doesn't want to watch the anime anymore then that's fine.

But Lain isn't a show most people get on the first viewing and OP had trouble with that. So did I and *all* of my friends and we're all huge fans of the show.

| In fact most media like books, movies, shows that requires me to watch them repeatedly tend to be my favorites. I love that shit and can't get enough of it. Telling people that their existense is BS is wrong in my opinion.

| >>749117
I normally don't like media like that, but Lain is one exception.

| Woah, same here. You are not alone. I like the lain cult and the aesthetic but the anime is awful.

| >>749116

>No rules in watching anime
>OP can drop the show whatever

Thanks for contradicting yourself

| Let's all love lain

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