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Best anime you will never watch/manga you will never read

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Oyasumi Punpun looks like an absolute masterpiece in every way possible. I've had my fair share of Asano Inio's work (Downfall, Dead Dead Demon's Destruction, that weird gay rockstar manga), but I can never bring myself to read it. I've read other psychological drama stuff, and usually I get so affected by it my personality changes. Even Joker got me feeling depressed, so I feel it in my bones that I won't forget Oyasumi Punpun for a long time if I read it.

| Penguindrum, good parts of Naruto, Maria Holic, initial d season 5 and on, Yuki is a hero

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>not watching Maria Holic
what are u, gay?

| Sequels of boku no piko

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