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Best anime based on cyberpunk?

| Title

| idfk

| Ghost in the Shell.

| GitS

| I prefer megazone 23, but there's a lot. Bubblegum crisis, armitage III, Silent Mobius...

| Oh yes and of course Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Serial Experiment Lain. But I assume most of people here already know them

| Psychopass

| others already mentioned one of the best ones (such as "Ghost in the Shell") but there's still a few worth checking out

No Guns Life - starts off with a noir feel, very cyberpunk

Akudama Drive - would consider it cyberpunk, still worth checking out either way

| Psychopass is a must watch


| Ergo Proxy.

| Texhnolyze kinda good if u can get pass the firsts epispdes.

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This thread is permanently archived