Favorite VTubers?

| haachama and rushia are mine

| Nux taku

| I salute you, fellow rushia enjoyer

| Aruran San

| A few indies like Kei_exe,Riddel_Grimm, and Oozaru Subaru.

| Saint laeria

| Ina

| amane kanata

| pokimane, lilypichu and justaminx xd

| >>f6a5a2 fucking simp

| haachama and pekora :3

| >>743288 fucking simp

| >>743288 simp

| >>743288 simp

| >>b2ec40 kys

| i forgot to add pekora too lol

| >>743288 god damn simp

| Aren't vtubers just fat guys with face rig and hardware voice changers?

| theCecile is lovely, calm and the most beautiful i've seen

| Ina.

| Haachama, Amelia Watson, and Takanashi Kiara

| Ok who called simp police

| Inukai Purin

| KoroPekoMi

| Jade the bug and Akiyusa

| nyanners

| Ina!! She can sing well

| kizuna ai as well

| Korone and Amelia Watson! Korone clips pushed me into the hole and now my youtube recs won't let me out.

| >>743653
Some of them are, just as some of them are thots trying to scam money out of simps.

| Haachama and Korone

| Holy hell

| >>744780 hachamas into feet though and that's gross

| >>744912 you mean hot?

| Korone is the only one I keep up with, she's really funny

| >>744921 I'm die, thank you forever.

| Lately: Reiyuguigui, Castlehead, FeFe, and Snuffy. To be honest it changes every 3 months and I’ll kinda cycle through. Before that I’d watch a lot of Code Miko, Zentreya, and Lilybellestreams.

| Kaguya Luna, Achikita Chinami (now retired), Chiaki Amagasaki, Tsukino Mito, Tokino Sora, Higuchi Kaede, EdoLena, Otogibara Era (now retired), Lize Helesta

These days, I don't really watch but I do follow actively in terms of merch and live shows.

| Amano Pikamee best vtuber

| Ina and Ame are my favorites!

| i hate vtuber

| >>745410 this

| y hate? hate is very strong word

| >>745096 damn i haven't thought about kaguya luna for a while. She is really funny but she doesn't often now

| Ive been really enjoying watching Snuffy and Veibae

| kizuna ai is also great, just that her views is steadily dying over time.


| >>f6a5a2 get help.

| >>745592 why

| Kaccel is my lovely vtuber

| most of the original vtubers are dying off, like kizuna and kaguya luna.

| yagoo best girl. prove me wrong

| >>745751 wait Kizuna Ai is going away? If so a pioneer of weeb culture is ending.

| >>745575
Kaguya Luna just posts on her main channel now. Look up pmaru if you're curious

| Oh I'm die thank you forever.

| >>d71466
I know about pmaru, although as much as I still enjoy hearing her voice, it's not really the same without the avatar (for me)

| fuck vtuber

| >>746386 me too

| Kuzuha

| Today i tried watching some vtubers, yknow thw shark loli and the pirate and it was one of the most boring things i could have done. I dont understand why people find them entretaining its jut really boring content they dont do anything and when they do is mediocre gameplay. I really dont understand why people are into them. Sorry (-<-)

| >>746570 nah vtubers are generally boring. streamers are generally boring too. you need to acquire some kind of emotional connection to them to really enjoy their content. what I'm trying to say is, you need to be a specific kind of degenerate. that is why everyone's oshi is different even though my oshi is TOTALLY superior.

| I wish VTubers did more with their character and lore. I like that Haachama's got this whole crazy story going on.
Nekomasu was my favorite. Just a down to earth wage slave like the rest of us.
Kaguya Luna was funny and put effort into making skits.
Korone I just watch cause she's cute, I will admit.

That's about it

| >>7a1ae5 >>7d95ed >>7f96a2
humu humu good tastes

| snuffy

| Def CalliMori and Tokoyami Towa

| amelia frfr

| Kizuna and that rapping one Turbo made a video about

| >>745588
They are really growing on me too. Snuffy has a wierd mouth tracker, but she's fun. And I really like Veibae's voice.

| L

| Youmu

| Kizuna Ai since I was watching her since the beginning, and also Nyanners, Haachama, Rushia, Pekora, Watson, Gura, Korone, Luna, and more

| >there are more vtubers I want to watch then there are hours in the day

| >>745860 She's not going away afaik, just way less popular than in her hayday.

| Okayu

| Lmao Kizuna ai stopped long ago, she was replaced. She is now streaming without vtuber model.

| >>748759 Isn't the original now the manager for the three new Ais? I forgot what she does exactly, but I do know that there's been company policy changes around the time she revealed herself.

| Lot of confusion, but the original VA is back. The other two VAs each got their own model and their own channel, but one of them has since "graduated". The Chinese Kiunza AI is still a thing, but she's got her own channel.

The original VA does have her own channel that she streams on occasionally, not all the time.

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