Looking for an anime recommendation

| Can anyone recommend me a slow-paced medieval fantasy anime similar to the manga "Sousou no Frieren"? If possible, along the lines of slice of life.

| Berzerk

| Redo Of the Healer

| Made in abyss

| I just read the synopsis and REALLY wanna watch it now. I cant name anything that really matches thos3 exact descriptions but the journeying makes me think of Kino's Journey or Spice and Wolf

| >>739149 Burn in Harem trashcan

| Ooh it's not medieval at all but Rolling Girls may be up your alley. Slice of life, well animated and stylised moe, nore about the journey than anything else. I too want more good medieval SoL stuff so Im invested itt

| Watch Made in Abyss or Shinsekai Yori

| Boku no Pico. Oh wait.. It's not any of what you want but still, watch it. It's better then reading metamorphosis.

| OP please tell us your feedback

| idk

| I haven't watched it so it's not really a recommendation but does OP know about Slayers?

Mahoutsukai no Yome and that dragon maid show are also kinda fantasy somewhat maybe a bit iono

| dragon maid show LOL

| kobayashi's dragon maid lmao

| Yona of the dawn is quite slow place but not really silce of life and takes place in a technology level to that of medieval it might work

| hai to gensou no grimgar

| jojo :)



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