Yo y'all seen redo of the healer?


| I've seen the finger breaking scene That make me so fucking haaaard!!

| Yes though episode 4 it seems like the only version that came out was the censored one? There was alot of shading in scenes and some that just had no sound at all seemingly

| I watch it on gogoanime and it has uncensored ones though haven't watched episode 4 yet

| Is this the Elfen Lied 3.0 or Goblin Slayer 2.0?

| >>b5513b
Elfen Slayer 5.0

| i just read the synopsis and want to fucking kill myself

we can't get a fucking Baccano season 2 but somehow a literal dime a dozen doujin got an anime adaptation

i actually fucking hate nu-weebs

| Anime tits sell.

| >>738643
Oh for sure but rape and torture? Justified by more rape and torture? Sigh

| >738641
Is baccano actually good? I dropped it after 4 episodes because it was so fucking boring. Does it get better?

| >>738658
It's non-linear but if you aren't already charmed by the story and the pretty decent dub accents you probably won't change your opinion. There are a lot of subplots that come together nicely and make more sense after a rewatch.

| Personally I think Baccano ia great coming out of Durarara but like they said unless you can get invested to the story from multiple perspectives of the characters it can juat seem like a mess

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