Favorite Naruto girl?

| I have been watching the Rock lee spinoff of naruto lately. simping for tenten now.

| Haku :)

| TenTen for sure.

| Naruto

| Temari.. "^^
What is little funny i was always easily identify with Hinata.. is this yuri dream? xd

| not sakura of course

| Not Sakura x2

| Sakura, ew. Why? Other than that, Temari ALL THE WAY.

| >>738329 Temari have me, you should choose someone else :c

| ino
sakura aint bad

| That teacher lady from the first arc

| >>738346 N O S A K U R A

| honestly surprised no one has said Tsunade

| sand guy Gaara.

| I think TenTen is even worse than Sakura tbh

| Temari

| >>6d183d yoooo... atleast tenten has nunchucks

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