Mecha waifu figure model kits

| It's not like I didn't realise that exists but I only brought attention to it recently. Stuff like Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device, build and modify your dumb waifu figure.
Basically, I wanna buy one but where the fuck could I get them for a reasonable price and world wide shipping that isn't literally 100 bucks?

| 100 bucks sounds reasonable af for a decent model kit paid and shipped tbph

| >>737371 this

| >>737371 yeah, reasonable. people pay hundreds just for a rias gremory figure lmaooooo

| you can buy them on 1999.co.jp/eng

| also my bad I think I misread OP and they meant that the shipping itself was stupid high on top of the model price

And like shit idk, that's business and customs for ya. Look for hobby shops locally/in nearby big cities is my advice.

| OP here, yeah I meant literally the shipping alone is 100 bucks. They don't really sell that kinda shit around here sadly, trust me, I've checked
>>737711 This website is confusing the shit out of me but I'll try to activate my braincells harder.
Seems like the model I want (Bullet Knights Launcher) isn't in stock anywhere. Shit sucks

| Get into 3d printing and make your own customized waifu?

| >>737958 don't drag op to join your cult!

| Worst part is that like 80% of them are either out of stock, pre-order, or literally both

| >>738031
Look, just because the doll-guys are trying to make human-compatible ball-joints, does not mean we are a cult.

We are several different, competing cults.

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