Could someone explain me Ghost in The Shell?

| I'm hecking tired of watching it and still not getting what it's about, damn...

| Also, there's other works I really didn't get, so it'll probably be me asking around.

| Dude, read a wiki

| Not enough personal context, but thanks, dude.

| Like, I get the events. The sentient program who wanted to simulate human reproduction and death. But was that all? I feel like I'm missing some big part of it.

| K, I just watched the second movie, it all makes sense now.

| How did the second movie help? The 2nd one confused the shit out of me. First movie was pretty straight forward

| >>737181

Well, it cleared the events about what happened to the Major. While the first one dealt with transhumanis, the second was straightforward in dehumanization. The first one is incomplete without the second.

| I guess my brain works differently cause the first movie didn't leave me any loose ends

| I mean, there's the msnga if you're interested in tying up all the loose ends, like how lady robocop came to be and stuff.

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