Opinions on Misaka as best girl?

| Misaka Mikoto, best girl of Toaru Majutsu no Index. What do YOU guys think of her?

| Yes

| She's pretty based.

| Best girl? More like bilibili girl

| china moment

| was thinking Ackerman rly

| I think Itsuwa is a contender. And definitely Kaori Kanzaki.

| Is index/railgun worth checking out? I see some mixed reviews and it’s a steep investment

| >>737323
You could just watch Railgun. It's kinda a standalone, at least the first season is. It's nice to know the whole lore, but not at all necessary kind of things. Honestly, I've only seen the first season of Railgun

| >>7d7b1c
Railgun seemed appealing to me, but I didn’t realize it was part of a larger universe. Combined I think it’s about 170 episodes (railgun, index, and accelerator). I’m still trying to finish Ranma 1/2 and I think it will be the longest series I’ve watched besides Monogatari

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