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| So there have been some delays because of covid and I got to wondering, what even is the point of working and animating in a studio? What are the benefits to that? Isn't animation mostly digital nowafays anyway so I would think working from home is no issue.

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Having all the animators, key artists, and lead animator (the person who ensures all the art and style is consistent and up to snuff) onsite makes things far cheaper and more efficient. Lots of issues can crop up when broken telephone happens, so perhaps they're playing it safe.

I kind of agree with you though, this should be animation's heyday. The extra capital that would otherwise go to live action prohects can for sure help the logistics of animation coordination.

| Check out the animators dormitory project. A lot of animators are subcontracted and work from home anyway before the pandemic even started. It's a misconception that anime is totally digital. A major of the penciling is still done by hand. The desks used for penciling are pretty convenient in my experience, huge light table, adjustable angles, and nice organization

| There is also the productivity that working in offices create.
Working from home might look more efficient because you are there all the time, but going to an office gives sort of a psychological boost.
It's hard tp explain. But people generally are more efficient at work rathwr than at home.

| There's a YouTube channel called Striving for Animation, and it does a really really great job of breaking down how the industry works. The programs they use, the structure in which the studios are set up, etc, is all layed out. I'd highly recommend taking a look at it if you wanted to know how anime was made at all.

| They also say in there that a lot of it is still done on paper. Turns out good old fashion paper is still one of the best ways to sketch out your waifu.

| Another thing, it is (was?) sometimes faster to deliver anime to the tv studios by hand rather than upload through the internet

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