Code Geass made me start to hate British people

| And I think that's something nice and epic

| It wasn't the yugioh ass artstyle?

| Lmfao

| British people don't exist

| You can bring civilization to Britain, but you can't bring Britain to civilization.

| >>730067 the colonizers cannot be colonized, after all.

| Hellsing Ultimate made me start hating Germans.
And Hellsing Ultimate Abridged made me hate Italians, French, Germans, Mexicans, Canadians and any other country with a big religious group except for England.

| >bri*ish

| >>730087

| Anime made me hate japan

| >>730718 everything else about Japan made me hate Japan, especially work culture. Anime is decent when it's not dateless nerd pandering

| >>730737 But dateless nerd pandering is the best part

| >>730737
Bruuuuuhhh truuuuuu
I feel nostalgia for some reason

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