Change one thing about an anime

| Dragon Ball GT: Baby takes over Vegeta's body before he shaves his moustache.

| Jonathan Joestar lives

| Kyon didn't love ponytails

| they made endless 8 shorter

| Robin is still a relevant character after post-skip

| Griffith is executed

| endless 8 had only 7 iterations and the last one is now creepypasta style lost media

| >>553c54 spoileeeeer

| Zeon wins in gundam

| gon fucks killua

| Big order with actual story, charcter and powerscale consistency

| No incest

| not necessarily an anime but, make saki yoshida never went through the shit she went through

| Shiro could make the high jump

| Subaru is actually named Barusu.

| re:zero but subaru is genderbent

| Wolfwood doesn't die

| JoJo part 7, but Araki doesn't forget about the tiny horses.

| >>730475 it took me a moment to remember that you were talking about UBW.

| Saitama is just in a comatose.

| Subaru doesn't die

| Asuka never wears pantsu.

| >>731448 yes

| kaiji didn't make the last bet in season one and just took the 100mil yen

| >>731669
oh my god yes :(

| Kamina doesnt die or he revives himself with spiral power to give hope to simon when he got arrested

| Shinji doesn’t get in the robot

| >>731900 I would love to see that as a spinoff

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