Are slice of life’s suppose to have 12 episodes?

| This has been on my mind for a little bit. But how come most slice of life anime’s only have 12 episodes.? Is it part of a format or is it just the perfect amount to fully capture all tropes and character development. Feel free to tell me your opinion g/u/r/l/s

| during a season(real life season) there's 12 episode/weeks, that is the most common number of episodes for anime aside longrunning shows. Sol are only 12 coz money and all, it's just a short season to raise popularity and sell manga/light novel.

| Why do hot dogs come in packs of 10, but Slice of Life in packs of 12?

| Because the simulated realities that that they film slice of life anime in generally corrupt and implode after 12 uses

This is why so many shows never get a second season

| >>727976 24 would be for tv probably too long..

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You sneaked into the gene pool while the lifeguard wasn't watching or something?

| >>728108 i'm only trying to say that here exists also other anime series what maybe are having larger watching.. and it's why are slice lifes can maybe have less episodes.. it's only my personal tip

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Genuinely sorry for lashing out on your English there. I shouldn't have done that. I had a really crappy day and took it out on you but that doesn't excuse my behaviour.

I think you're right. 24 episodes would be too long for most slice of life but there are exceptions. Honey and Clover had 24 episodes for example and Clannad had 22 and Aria had 26.

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Life's greatest question.....

| I noticed 12 ep animes had better animation quality with more consistency. So I'm guessing that with 12 ep the studio is able to focus on quality and not outsource to other studios.

Another thought is, there are sooo many animes being adapted that 12 ep arcs allow studios to move on to newer titles quickly.

| Nichijou got 23+, and KyoAni almost lost money because of not enough BD sales.

| Why does money have to rule the world like this? We should do better... I need my 54 episodes dream /u/ sol anime...

| Yeah I do wish that smaller projects with actually confined scope got more than 1 or 2 seasons. Really hate that only like ten shows consistently get renewed into 50+ episodes while the manga is still being published but we cant get more Daily Lives of HS Boys or Asobi Asobase

| I think more shows should do crowdfunding like drop kick on my devil! They hit their goal for season 3 in a few days. I think the city that the show is based in also helped out I read somewhere.

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