What are you looking forward to this season?

| Personally, I can't wait for Cells at Work s2 and Quintessential Quintuplets s2

| Attack on Titan. Last time I watched that show was in high school. I stopped after season one and never read the manga. It's been so long and now I can finally just binge it all.

| I'm also waiting for all episodes of Attack on Titan to be out. Gonna binge all the final season, and maybe if I have time I'll revisit the older seasons. My memory is already pretty hazy about whatever happened in Season 2.

| Dragon Maid season 2

| >>9a1675 my man

| >>727885 We will have the futa Kobayashi episode SOON

| Death

| Oh i mean re:zero s2 or is it 3?

| urasekai picnic

| Attack of titan, Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, Dr.Stone: stone wars

| There's nothing interesting this season either. They certainly don't make anime in line with my interests, that's for sure. Might give Fumetsu no Anata e a try because the manga is kinda good. Or maybe Iwa Kakeru! for the thick plot. I'll probably just lurk this board and try a couple of episoes of whatever you gals are talking about.

| >>728588
What are your interests this season isn't catering to?

| Rencarneted as a slime S2. I feels it's one of the few good isekai that use the genre to an advantage

| log horizon

| Just found out that re:zero started up again and it's the only anime I watch. I pretty much just read manga now. It's nice to actually have something to watch for once.

| >>728901 I remember watching rezero when it was first airing. First few episodes were alright and gradually it became too hard to watch for me. I think I dropped it at around episode 10 season 1. There were dogs iirc. Does it get any better after season 1 do you think I will be able to stomach it? Is it worth it?

| New yuru camp for the maximum comfy

| >>728946 I'd say you probably won't like it. If you really want to give it a try then finish watching the first season and see if you still don't like it.

| >>728875
we could have gotten more episodes but then again tax evasion is pretty funny

| Golden Kamuy hit the spot. I'm waiting for more Dorohedoro and Beastars. And fuckin Vinland Saga ffs

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