Favourite anime?


| リズと青い鳥
Liz and Blue Bird

| 言の葉の庭

| Book of Bantorra

| Can't decide between Nichijou and FLCL.

| JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

And Code Geass

| Akudama Drive for sure, great anime. No minute watched feels wasted

| >>726854
Oh snap, didn't think I find anyone else who like that one this much. It's my favourite out of all Makoto Shinkai's works.

| definetly Madoka Magica!

| Berserk 1997.

| >>726894
My man

| >>727048 Glad you feel the same!

| Spice & Wolf

| >>fed0da fav movie
Fav anime would be Mia

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