Anime/Weeb merch that isn't too obvious

| Anyone else here love shit like that? I love a lot of the JoJo merch that exists for this reason, and recently there's also been the Super Groupies Monogatari collection as well.

A lot of this stuff just looks sick first and foremost. They're just great designs that are inspired by these books/shows/manga, but for anyone who doesn't know the source material it's just a sick piece, and for those who know it it's a sick piece that let's you rep weeb shit without looking trash.

| Feel like this extends to like anime merch of stuff well known anime. Like if you have a badass akira shirt is anyone really gonna accuse you of being weeb trash for it?

Well... ig that depends where you live, I'm sure people here where I live have no idaa even of that

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This has nothing to do with being called "weeb trash". I think you misunderstood.
It's about pieces that are extremely well designed and look sick even though they're technically anime/manga/LN merch.

Not anything against Akira, but a shirt with a picture or logo from the anime or manga is just, a picture printed on a shirt.

I'm talking stuff like this:

| >>727015 ah shit my bad now I see what you mean those are fucking dope

| Also I'd change lol, I'm >>82cf41

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All good, all good. I'm happy to spread the word.
I almost never see people talking about stuff like this. A lot of people when buying weeb merch just buy something for the reference. Like, for example, a T-shirt with a big logo or picture of a character or something. But I don't understand why people would buy that over things like this, which look amazing and can be used outside, and doesn't require people to understand the reference to like the piece.

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