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Favorite vtuber?

| Not necessarily anime but I still think it fits here. Mine is Amelia Watson

| Holomyth gang! For me it's Ninomae Ina'nis, although honestly I'm still kinda new to the whole scene

| Are there even male vtubers?

| >>720993 Yeah, they're just not as common ig

| Cdawg

| Don't follow any Vtubers, but, as a brand, I would say Gawr Gura.

She stands out the most to me. A shark, instead of a dog or a cat, and the shade of blue constrasts with all the pink and brown of other Vtubers.

Does help that Yu-Gi-Oh! just released a Vtuber archetype and one of the two main cards, Live★Twin Lilla, is making reference to Gura with the whole blue loli shark thing.

| Nekomiya!!!ヽ(^Д^)/Ok just because i'm so fxxking into loli(  ̄▽ ̄)

| >>721012 Live Twins were released exactly one day before Gura debuted and the designs were made and revealed long before hers was public, so unless one of the Yugioh artists can actually see into the future, it's very hard for one of them to be referencing Gura.

| Pikamee

| >>721032 huh. Maybe Gura was the artist all along!

Well, shit. Anyways, my point about her standing out... stands.

| >>721044 a patrician taste.

| >>721032 Went to check dates. The debut video is from the 8 of September. The Live★Twin guide I watched back when every card except Passphrase was announced is from the 4th. Her YT channel is a bit older, 16 of July.

Then again, there's a whole artistic and bureaucratic process behind both.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was more than a coincidence and Konami was pulling some strings.

| I got into watching vtubers with Nyanners, never could watch streams but her clips were chaos in a funny way. I even managed to get my non weeb friend to watch her react to cold steel by accident as well.

| Hatoba tsugu

| Why is nobody talking about our God and Saviour CDawgVA?

| Froot

| Amano Pikamee

| Ironmouse

| Hachamaa, obviously.

| My main gripe about vtubers is that I actually some of their prior career, and some of the drama associated with it. I have mixed feeling about it but hey, I won't be a creep and I hope they get to relaise their dreams. Still, if there's problems in the future, I'm at least prepared for that. No broken masquerade for this angry nerd, it was never there to begin with.

| Nyanners! ^^

| Haruka karibou.

| Mocca is a good one, they're quite different (in a good way!)

| >>721451
A pretty good choice !

| ina, i like her drawings
gura, i like how she talks
kiara, i find her funny
okayu, her voice is really nice
marine, voice

| deviousSprite

| >>721274 Ye. I can't help but squint my eyes at them knowing what they got themselves into whenever they show up, but whatever I guess.

Anyways, my long time favorite has been Nekomiya Hinata. In recent times however, I've been getting into undead type vtubers like Shiina Nanoha, Boogey Voxx, and the newly debuted Crazy Ollie.

| >>720993 If you want, you can check out holostars. They've got a winning son, a pizza dad, and a disney princess. And more.

Ina'nis is supa comfy. My fave.

Another that caught my eye is Froot (BSApricot) from Vshojo. A British seiso lich queen. Her voice is so nice. Plus her L2D model is VERY expressive.

| Ririsya is a walking comfy v i b e .


| a

| b

| Pikamee

| nijisanji-- noor
i like her tattoos

| Calliope Mori, mostly because I liked her music before the whole vtuber thing, and I like her new songs a lot too.

| no one, tbh i don't understand the hype lol

| >>722732 Create a problem, sell a sollution.
Same as always.

| I you don't get what is the problem, just remember what was before the Vtubers. Yes, nothing. So no problem

| >>722647 you mean she actually made music even before going vtuber?

| Pekora is great. She makes my ears bleed when she screams and is a terrorist in the hololive minecraft server. It's absolutely perfect.

| >>723349
Yes, but it's really frowned upon to say anything *specific* about vtuber's past life, so you'll have to find it yourself.

| >>723480 It's not like Dangeru is a massive hub where people all over the internet come to get their fix of e-celeb drama or anything.

| I'm not too deep into the Vtuber hole, but the ones I watch occasionally through clips is Gura from Hololive and Kanae from Nijisanji

| Calli and Kiara.. love their interactions together

| >>721806
Ririsya is so cute this g/u/rl knows what’s up

| I dont say I follow, but the one I most watch is lolnani

| I still watch kizuna...

| >>724157 I know that feel bro...

| Nyanners, both because she’s funny and her music is great. Don’t even care about the whole vtuber thing she’s an actual funny streamer.

Hachama’s cooking videos tho? Art in its purest form

| >>00ef35
I want to like Nyanners, but she's a huge hypocrite. she says she hates lolicons and, if I recall, the word "loli" is banned in her Discord server--yet she herself takes the form of a loli and appeals to the very audience she hates. Nyanners is funny, but that hypocrisy is just too offputting for me.

| in other news, DOOG god Korone is my favourite VTuber, with Kiryuu Coco coming in a close second.

Korone's particular brand of broken Engrish is just perfect, and she really knows how to use the full potential of her Live2D model. on top of having big_genki_energy, she also has the occasional innocent, clueless psychopath act going for her, too. all around great DOOG. yubi, yubi!

| vtubers suck kys

| >>724157 which one lol

| Not sure where to post this as a thread but thoughts on hololive vs pissbabies in China?

| >>724807 old news

| Guys, I like porn.

| What kind of porn though?

| There is only one good kind

| PE/ KO\ PE/ KO\ PE/ KO\

| >>725437 no

| >>e0f73c HA/ HA\ HA/ HA\ HA/ HA\

| whats the appeal of vtubers

| >>725553 The way most westerners use avatars don't make it feel special, but easterners use it to further distance themselves and the viewers. This may sound like a bad thing, but with discussion on parasocial relationships popping up, this would be more positive. Not only that, but it serves as a tool for entertainers to use as a medium to provide content more creatively. Different vtubers take part in various kinds of activities, gaining popularity while staying in their niche.

| >>725553
For me it’s the cognitive dissonance of cute moe anime girl saying stuff constantly making me double take.
Also they’ve got genuinely entertaining personalities

| I still watch kizuna....

| >>725795 we get it

| >>725553
Same as any streamer's, more or less.

| My fav is the one that doesn't constantly advertise their cover when I want to watch my youtube feed. Seriously, I get a lot of ads of that one vtuber who cover her face with a paper and also the blonde that spilled paint all over her shirt.

| Ur mom

| Usually Pikamee and the Holomyth gang

| fuck hololive

| >>122e7c already been done by r34, too late for that


| >watches Holomyth
What newfags killing the hobby

| >>726548 Holomyth aint bad, lad.

| >>726727 bruh stop writing cringe

| get some pussy man

| >>726746
>implying JP vtubers aren't just as cringe if not more so

| Mano Aloe

| My favourite vtuber is maybe dead ;-;

| >>727125 bruh, :(

| All the large and popular vtubers are pretty good but since I've always been someone who enjoys smaller streams more, my favorite vtuber is Nagamimugi. A cozy and relaxing stream with the occasional gremlin action

| Korone, Pekora, Miko and Coco

| >>727436

| Watame is pretty adorable, i could watch and listen to her voice all day. I especially love her gangimari face

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