Animes/mangas like Serial Experiments Lain?


| Serial Experiments Lain Is pretty similar to Serial Experiments Lain

| Texhnolyze

| It isn't same thing, but GitS and Cowboy Bebop are pretty nice things what you can like

| kino no tabi? idk i havent watched either

| I recommend you Boogiepop Phantom. Serial experiment lain, Texhnolyze et Haibane Renmei are considered to be a trilogy(real world, hell, paradise). They're from the same guys.

| >>c0a759 the person asked for animes LIKE serial experiments lain and then you recommended them the anime

| well I was just explaining that Texhnolyze and Haibane Renmei are from the same team behind Lain, and are in a somewhat trilogy of ideas

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